Undertale came out of nowhere and turned RPGs upside-down with its deft mix of emotions, dogs, emotions, and more dogs. It’s become one of the biggest games on Steam.

Undertale currently has nearly 30,000 Steam reviews, a whopping 97 percent of which are positive. As I discussed in my own review, this is a game that lodged itself in people’s hearts and minds, planted a seed of something sweet—or perhaps something sinister. Many of its Steam reviews feel like they were written in the heat of the moment, right after people finished the game. They seem almost overwhelmed by their feelings. Corny as that might sound, it’s cool to get a snapshot of somebody’s thoughts after they’ve experienced something that affected them so much.


On the flipside, there are a handful (read: hundreds) of negative reviews, and most either a) don’t get the appeal of the game or b) see what it was going for, but don’t think it’s all that revolutionary. Despite not being part of the game, the divisive fandom also creeps in as an issue.

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