There is a prophecy. It says that, once every couple months or so, a new early access survival game will rise to the top of the charts on Steam. Though commoners will decry it as “janky AF,” no mortal force will stop its ascent. Anyway, Conan Exiles says hi.

The positively barbaric survival game continues to rank among Steam’s most-played games, and it’s not hard to see why. It checks all the boxes (for better or worse): mechanically, it’s a survival greatest hits collection that’s one part Ark: Survival Evolved, one part Rust, and lots of parts dicks. While many reviewers have taken issue with Conan’s litany of bugs, AI problems, server issues, and combat shortcomings, others are willing to chalk that up to early access. It’s already technically playable, they say, and it’ll probably get better with time. I admire their optimism! (I personally advocate a warier stance.)

Here are some of the best Steam reviews of Conan Exiles (so far):

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