Surgeon Simulator Devs Say They'll Cancel Next Game If It Doesn't Get Enough Players During Free Week

Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa describes the upcoming free week for its new game, Decksplash, as a “first of its kind” experiment. If 100,000 people play it during that timespan, the studio says it will release the Splatoon-but-with-skateboards competitive game into Early Access. And if not? It gets the axe.

No Man's Sky Players Have A Space Government, Politics and All

A year prior to the release of No Man’s Sky, Jamie’s sister passed away. While he was able to take solace in the game as he processed the grief, he found conversations surrounding the game were pretty toxic. So, he started his own No Man’s Sky community that coalesced around the same portion of space. As his community…

Life is Strange: Before The Storm Ep. Two Captures The Recklessness of Teenage Crushes

In the second episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, teenage protagonist Chloe Price can no longer act as if nobody gets her. Someone does, and she’s into Chloe. Episode two’s biggest strength is capturing the electricity of a new crush. Together, Chloe and Rachel Amber create a force of nature, not unlike the…