Pirates Say Rime's DRM Slows Down The Game, But Denuvo Denies It [UPDATE]

A week after release, much of the discussion surrounding Rime isn’t about the ruins or the mystery, but rather piracy. Players claim anti-piracy software slows the game down. Pirates say the newly cracked version of the game fixes that problem. Rime’s producers seem unsure if DRM caused performance hits, but Denuvo…

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: The Kotaku Review

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is a series defined by contradiction. The third season of Telltale’s successful narrative game franchise, which comes to a close this week with the release of final episode “From The Gallows,” is full of interesting characters the player won’t care about. It’s painfully human but…

A Nostalgic Game That Spills Out Into Your Internet Browser

If the medium is the message, then AOL’s messaging software—at least for my generation—has the same sentimentality as whatever we talked about over it. That’s the pitch of Emily Is Away Too, a new visual novel that plays out in “EOL” Instant Messenger windows, away messages and personal profiles.