American Dota 2 Team Moves To Southeast Asia For Qualifier, Loses Every Match

The regional qualifiers for the next Dota 2 major have been exciting, with over 100 matches played in the last 48 hours. The Kiev Major boasts a prize pool of $3 million, and so everybody and their grandmother has been competing to earn a spot, including one team that made a desperate move to somewhere in the…

Undead Cafe Game Necrobarista Was Made Out Of Frustration With The State Of Anime

Recently, a game called Necrobarista caught my eye. It’s about a cafe the dead return to for one last cup of coffee, and it’s got an art style that screams Persona. That’s no coincidence. Necrobarista’s developers told me the game arose from their “love-hate relationship” with anime and visual novels.

The Qualifiers For Dota 2's Kiev Major Have Been A Mess So Far

The qualifying system for Dota 2's majors has its roots in an egalitarian impulse where—theoretically—a team of amateurs could win an open and then regional qualifier, and find themselves competing in a major against professionals. But for the upcoming Kiev Major, that egalitarian has ran smack dab into the reality of…

You Can Make A Game About Government Surveillance, But You Can’t Make People Care

Orwell’s central conceit is nothing if not timely. The game casts players as a fictional Big Brother, sifting through people’s private communications and picking info that might connect them to a terrorist plot. Months after its release, however, the game’s developers are worried about another timely issue: apathy.

YouTubers Are Fighting Over Destroyed Bases In Conan Exiles

Survival game Conan Exiles is gritty. On one level, that means butt-naked men hacking each other up with axes. On another, that means you can spend a month lovingly constructing a base, only for another player to destroy it. Over the weekend, a huge gaming YouTuber got a ton of hate after griefing a smaller YouTuber’s…