Arkham Knight's Steam Reviews Are Getting Flagged As 'Pre-Release' ... Again [UPDATE]

You’re probably tired of hearing about problems with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, and, believe me, I’m tired of writing about it! But there’s something weird going on with the game’s Steam page (again!), with reviews for the game getting flagged as “pre-release,” despite having been written this week.

Dota 2 Player Kicked Off Team After Allegedly Leaking Rival's Strategies

The North American multi-video game eSports organization Cloud9 said goodbye to one of its Dota 2 players last night, and the parting doesn’t sound too amicable. The Dota 2 team kicked out Ravi “Ritsu” Kodippili a little over a week after rumors began to surface alleging that he’d leaked another team’s strategies.