Fallout: New Vegas Player Beats Game On Hardest Difficulty Without Killing Anyone Or Dying

There are self-imposed challenges, and then there’s gleeful masochism. This Fallout: New Vegas run looks like the latter. Rhetam, the gleeful masochist in question, played the game without allowing himself to do any direct lasting damage to anybody but himself. It took him more than a year to complete.

Top PUBG Streamer Says He Was Banned After Playing With Hacker [Updated]

During a livestream last night Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek stated that he received a one month ban from PUBG following an incident where he played alongside a hacker. The ban comes on the heels of lengthy community speculation as to whether or not the game’s developers would actually discipline one of…

How Many Gokus Are In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Exactly?

There is only one Son Goku in Dragon Ball, yet throughout the series’ history, he has embodied many different forms. Video games have attempted to keep up with the canon by including different versions of Goku, each with varying levels of “Goku-ness.” Hence the debate: how many Gokus are there, really?